Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Never Say Never Ever?

Well, it seems I'm not quite done with this blog after all. I did need the break, however, which was filled with lots of editing, rewriting, and polishing of my novel, The Bear Who Broke The World, which will be published by Wheeler Street Press in Summer 2017. What with all the horrors of Aleppo, POC being shot and persecuted at alarming rates, and the damn election (not to mention Prince and Garry Shandling leaving this mortal coil), that's the best news I've heard all 2016.

I probably won't get too political here on this blog -- that's just not really my specialty or my style -- but I will always stand up for people in need and stand against the bullies of the world (whose numbers seem to be multiplying every day we get closer to Inauguration Day). A very strange and troubling time is coming to this country that I love, with ripple effects sure to be felt throughout other continents, far and wide. I will do my best to avoid rants, but if I see something I sure as hell will be saying something.

As for uplifting events in my world, I had another short story published by The East Bay Review just last month (Issue No. 9), and you can find it right here.

I've also been blogging about the novel on a different site, and you can find the breakdown of that long (and continuing!) journey here. Also, check out Wheeler Street Press to find out about the little publishing company that just might. I hear there are some pretty cool books being released into the wild by them as soon as January 2017. So, give the site a look if you are so inclined.

And don't forget to look for my first novel next year.

Until then, in celebration of "Rogue One" opening this Friday, here are some monkeys riding on the backs of rampaging boars while Luke Skywalker narrates the action. Enjoy, and stay safe and sane!